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Pizza with bacon and salami

Pizza with bacon and salami

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I started with the top, being with yeast it had to be left to rise, so in a bowl I put 4 cups of white flour, salt, sugar, yeast, oil, water, oregano and dried thyme, I mixed in the first phase with a spoon of wood until the dough has set, then I started kneading by hand, until the dough came off my hand. I left it to rise, in a warm place in the kitchen and I did my job.

After the dough has risen, I put it on the work table lined with flour, I divided it into 5 balls of suitable sizes and somewhat equal. Because I don't have a pizza tray yet, I used a tart tray. with detachable bottom, but, I set as a goal for the first shopping session, at the top of my list is a special pizza tray.

I took the first ball of dough and spread it with the rolling pin until it reached the size of the tray, I put it lightly in the tart pan, I greased it with a teaspoon of olive paste, then I put 2 tablespoons of sauce of tomatoes with basil, I put fresh mushrooms cut into thin slices, dried salami, bacon broken into smaller pieces, mozzarella and a few pieces of cheese, I baked pizza in the oven on the stove, over high heat, about 10 minutes. which browned slightly on the edges and the cheeses melted, I knew it was ready, so I took out the pizza, sprinkled a few fresh valerian leaves on top, and after letting it rest for 5 minutes, I cut it or in slices like at a pizzeria

It was a pampered Sunday, the pizza, although it was the first one I made, was very praised and… .they ate until the last slice

Great appetite!

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