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Ways to Greet the New Year

Ways to Greet the New Year

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A sampling of Chinese traditions

Here are traditions I remember from my childhood in China. Try afew of them for good luck.

Children should bow to pay respect to elders. In return, givethem red bags containing money -- for prosperity in the yearahead.

Eating healthy should still be delicious.

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Clean your house and get rid of old, unused items to make roomfor the new.

Pay bills and collect debts.

Children should finish homework, wash hair, get a haircut, andhave a set of new clothes ready for New Year's Day.

Put out a red tablecloth and cushion covers. Hang red and goldbanners and lanterns with Chinese good wishes written on them.Display Chinese dragons to ward off evil sprits.

Exchange treats and fruit with loved ones. Candies are for asweet New Year. Melon seeds and candied melon represent growth andprosperity. Oranges and tangerines stand for instant wealth andhealth.

Set off firecrackers to frighten away evil spirits.