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New York’s Ritz-Carlton Central Park is Offering a $17,000 Valentine’s Day Package

New York’s Ritz-Carlton Central Park is Offering a $17,000 Valentine’s Day Package

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It doesn’t get more romantic than this, folks

The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park, located on the corner of Central Park South and Sixth Avenue, is one of the most luxurious and opulent hotels in New York City, affording some stunning views. Its old-fashioned charm is undoubtedly romantic, and the hotel has really pulled out all the stops this February: They’re offering a Valentine’s Day package that starts at $16,999.

So what exactly will 17 thousand bucks get you? Basically the most romantic day imaginable, it turns out. First of all, you’ll be picked up from the airport in a Mercedes-Maybach, and when you arrive at your Presidential Suite a platter of chocolate covered strawberries and a chilled bottle of Cristal Champagne will await you. Then you’ll depart on a five-hour chauffeured ride around the city, during which you can stop off at Saks Fifth Avenue and use a $500 gift card on a personal shopping experience at its exclusive Fifth Avenue Club. Then you can head back and get a 90 minute couples massage in your suite, followed by a four-course tasting menu dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, Auden Bistro. After dinner, you can take a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park, and when you return, your turned-down bed will be strewn with rose petals. And when it’s time to head back to the airport, that Mercedes-Maybach will bring you there.

This package will be available for the entire month of February, and it doesn’t need to be all done in one day, obviously; while you’re at it you might as well book a few extra nights and spread out all the perks if you can spring for it.

It’s nice to dream, isn’t it? Here are some more loveable last-minute Valentine’s Day getaways.

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