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Chocolate sorbet with olive oil and Greek basil recipe

Chocolate sorbet with olive oil and Greek basil recipe

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This dairy free chocolate sorbet takes a few hours to make, but is worth it in the end. Recipes created by Theodore Kyriakou from The Greek Larder in partnership with Odysea.

2 people made this

IngredientsServes: 8

  • 500ml water
  • 250g golden caster sugar
  • 125g cocoa powder
  • 100g dairy free dark chocolate chips
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 30ml Odysea® olive oil
  • Greek basil (if not available use other fresh basil)

MethodPrep:10min ›Cook:8min ›Extra time:3hr chilling › Ready in:3hr18min

  1. In a saucepan over a medium heat, combine the water, sugar and cocoa powder together, stirring, until everything is smoothly mixed. Remove from the heat and allow to cool a little before adding the chocolate chips, salt and cinnamon, stir well and place in the fridge for a few hours to make sure the flavours mature and the mixture cools properly.
  2. Transfer to an ice-cream maker and churn until frozen. Serve with a few drops of olive oil and some Greek basil leaves.

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How to Preserve Basil: 16 Recipes to Enjoy Fresh Basil All Year Long

Do you love fresh summer basil as much as I do? Dried basil just doesn’t have the same flavour. These 16 basil recipes will help you use and preserve your garden-fresh basil harvest so you can enjoy the taste of sweet, fresh basil all year long.

Basil is a fragrant herb in the mint family that is traditionally used to add its distinctive flavour to Mediterranean cuisine. It’s easy to grow, smells wonderful, and provides many nutrients and antioxidants. Many people use dried basil leaves in cooking, but there’s just nothing like the taste of fresh, garden-grown basil.

A note about the cucumbers:

This recipe calls for scraping out the seeds of the cucumber and then slicing it to put it in the salad. You can see in the photos that the cucumber ends up being little moon-shaped slices. I like it this way. But if you’d prefer to just slice your cucumbers and add them to your salad, you can certainly do it that way too.

This is a good way to celebrate the delicious summer vegetable harvest. Enjoy!

Vanilla Sorbet

What a whirlwind life has been for me lately. With my cookbook now in stock (if says it’s out of stock, it’s not really – they just order in small batches and fulfill as they go), I find myself busy every day marketing the book to local retailers, lining up tastings and book signings, and fulfilling orders. At the same time, I’ve been asked to begin writing for a new food magazine called Whisk (Melinda Lee’s), AND I’m talking to my publisher about doing more cookbooks. It seems in the freelance food writing world, it’s feast or famine! I haven’t been in the kitchen as much as I’d like (I have a long list of things I want to create and hope to get to them soon for you), but I found this photo left over from my New Year’s Eve dinner. The vanilla sorbet (adapted from All Recipes) is simple to make and quite refreshing, and I hope you’ll try it.

Watermelon Sorbet with Olive Oil & Maldon Sea Salt

This recipe is easy to make and never fails to impress. Serve it in shot glasses as a palate cleanser between courses or a very light starter. The combination of sweet watermelon sorbet, fruity olive oil and salt flakes is amazing.

2 cups water
1 cup sugar
1½ kg watermelon, rind removed, cubed
Juice of half a lemon (or more, to taste)
1 egg white
To serve:
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt flakes

Place water and sugar in a medium saucepan and heat, stirring, until the sugar has dissolved. Bring to the boil and boil for 5 minutes. Cool. Puree the watermelon cubes in a food processor. Push through a fine sieve, pressing hard on the solids. You should have at least 600ml juice.

Add syrup and lemon juice to watermelon juice and mix well. Tip into a shallow plastic container and freeze for 4-5 hours, covered, or until almost solid. Scrape sorbet into a food processor, add the egg white and process until smooth. Return to the plastic container, cover and freeze again.

Serve a scoop or two per person in a shot glass. Drizzle with a little extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with a few salt flakes.

Strawberry Funfetti Ice Cream Cake

If happiness could be frozen, sliced and eaten with a fork, it’d probably look something like this: a thick layer of freshly churned strawberry buttermilk ice cream sandwiched between moist yellow cake freckled with colorful confetti sprinkles.

Strawberry season is just about over here in Tennessee, but we managed to make it out to the fields to pick some before the fragile berries are smothered by the summer heat.

The berries were much smaller this year, so it took us a bit longer to pick a full bucket of them, but boy are they delicious. Tiny and sweet and oh so fragrant, I had to consciously restrain myself from eating every other berry that I picked (I’ve given myself plenty of stomachaches from eating too many strawberries, but I never seem to remember this when I’ve got a bucket of ruby red beauties on my arm.)

Honestly I can think of no better way to spend a long weekend then making all the strawberry things, from ice cream and pie to shortcakes and (of course) jam.

This recipe combines two of my favorite things: funfetti cake and fresh strawberry ice cream. It’s bright, fun, and fruity and guaranteed to make you smile.

Serve it topped with freshly whipped cream, ripe local strawberries, and even more rainbow sprinkles for good measure (really, can you ever have too many sprinkles?)

How to Make a Dipping Oil Everyone Will Love

One of my favorite things about this is that I can swap ingredients based on what I have in the kitchen or based on who’s coming.

My go-to combination of flavors is something salty like capers and parmesan cheese, herbs like rosemary and lots of garlic.

I’ve also been known to make it spicy with some crushed red chili flakes and if I have it in the fridge a mashed up anchovy or a small squeeze of anchovy paste is delicious. If you want to add a little sweetness to the dip, add a small splash of high-quality balsamic vinegar.

Think of it as a total flavor bomb that when mixed with olive oil and bread is just the right amount of flavor to make you keep coming back for more. On that note, you might want to make a double batch. This stuff goes fast.

Chop everything into tiny bits then use a spoon to smoosh them together into a loose paste. Spoon it onto a plate then pour extra-virgin olive oil on top. Easy!

If you try this recipe, let us know! Leave a comment, review it, and don’t forget to tag a photo #inspiredtaste on Instagram. Happy cooking!

Chocolate Sorbet


  • 500 g water (2 cups)
  • 75 g Dutch-processed cocoa (2/3 cup)
  • 135 g granulated sugar (1/2 cup +3 Tbs)
  • 15 g corn syrup (1 Tbs)
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
  • Pinch salt
  • 170 g bittersweet chocolate, chopped (6 ounces)


Ingredient discussion:

Three words: chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Chocolate is one of those things in life in which you’ll generally get what you pay for. If you buy inexpensive chocolate, it won’t taste good. Same with cocoa. For us, we used Valrhona cocoa and Callebaut 72% cacao dark chocolate. We think both are very good. Well, actually, we think they’re excellent, and we buy them in large quantities (three-kilo bag and 5-kilo bar), to keep down the cost per recipe. So, what’s Dutch-processed cocoa? It’s cocoa treated with alkali to neutralize the acidity. Huh? It’s processed so it tastes less bitter. Oh, and, you know, of course, that vanilla flavor is not real vanilla and only real vanilla works in a scratcher’s kitchen.

Note: we give almost all the ingredients in terms of weight first. If you have a scale, it’s the easiest why to measure plus, it’s consistent. After all, 75 grams of cocoa weighs 75g no matter how much you fluff or pack it. But, 3/4 of a cup of cocoa will be quite different if the cocoa is packed versus if it’s fluffed before measuring.

Procedure in detail:

This is an easy recipe. Just chop chocolate, and measure out a few ingredients.

Measure. In a medium saucepan (all the ingredients will end up in here), measure out the water, cocoa, sugar, corn syrup, vanilla, and salt.

Whisk and boil. Give it a good whisking and place it over high heat. While heating, keep whisking the mixture to get everything blended together and to prevent it from burning (yuck). Once it’s boiling, remove from heat.

Add chocolate. Stir the chocolate into the hot liquid. Keep stirring until it melts and the mixture is smooth.

Chill and churn. We transferred our sorbet mix to a large measuring cup with a spout so that it’s easier to pour into our ice cream churn (we like to think ahead), but really all you need to do is cover the sorbet mix and place it in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours, but preferably overnight. Churn the sorbet according to your manufacturer’s directions.

Churn according to the manufacturer’s directions, although this did seem to freeze faster than other sorbets.

Pack. Once churned, you can serve some immediately, but pack any left into an airtight container and store in the freezer.

What’s not to like? It’s cold, it’s chocolate, and it only takes a few minutes to make the sorbet mix and a few minutes to churn. We guess the thing that we don’t like is the chilling stage. Eight hours or overnight? We guess this isn’t a recipe to go to for a quick dessert. But, it is one to go to for a great dessert. Nice and chocolatey, in fact super chocolatey, without any cream to dull the flavor. Of course, without that cream, sorbet is never as smooth as ice cream, and you might find that the texture is just slightly granular, reminiscent of having ground hazelnuts in the mix. Hey, another great idea! Today we seem to be full of them! Five stars.

Worth the trouble?


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A Tasty Fail

You can see a couple of in-process shots (below) of the version of the swirl cake made with dragon fruit puree. You know those smoothie packets? I pureed one of those. And it looked incredibly promising all through the bake. The disappointment came when you sliced into the cake. If you were expecting bold stripes, no dice. But if you were expecting a really delicious cake, we're still in business. If you want to make this version - do it for the flavor, not the visual. Mix 1/4 cup of the puree into about half of the yellow cake batter, and skip the cocoa.

Before the bake (above), after the bake (below).

Swirl cakes are a lot of fun. And you can play around with all the different components of your cake if you have another frosting you like, favorite base cake recipe, or even the shape.

Or, if swirl cakes aren't your thing but you still want to make something sweet and tasty try these brownies, this Devil's Food Cake, this popular chocolate cake, or skip the cake altogether, and churn up some berry swirl ice cream.

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